Of the good deeds

14 Apr

Good deeds.

Sometimes I wonder, until what limit should we do good deeds?
Especially when you got tired.
Makes you think to just stay on your own business.
“I got my own family too..my own field as well..”
“They are my priority.”
But some people do not understand.
After all I am still human. Not angel.
If you ask me to do such such thing,
I will, but within my own limit.
Thats it.
Oh my, If I think about giving excuses, thousands will come!

Then you said, mujahadah.
This path is not easy.
Sacrificing ourselves, pain and tears are the rhythm to finish this journey.
Are we expect to enter jannah without pain?

I know,  I know.
But why me?
I am still young and so many things that I don’t really know.
Give this task to someone expert.
The one who is already in this field for years. They got more experience than me.
And then you said,
“If you think that you are in this post because of people choice, then you will feel tired and upset with people. Have faith that Allah choose you to be here, then you will feel grateful.”

Urgh..need someone to ‘ketuk’ me and remind me always that this path is not easy!

Tidak ditaburi dengan bunga-bunga dan permaidani merah.
Bukan untuk orang yang manja!

Ya muqallibal qulub, tsabit qulub ala deenik.


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