Why are you here?-Part 2

25 Apr

WARNING : You MAY see some grammatic error along your way through this post.


This post create specially to remind myself about my purpose to study.Just as a motivator for myself to put more effort on my study since final exams is just around the corner.I really really need dua’as from the readers.Hope you gain something here too even its all about me.InsyaAllah

  Why Maths?

This is one type of the questions came out in the application form when I decide to furher my study in KCL.Writing essay in english is one of my weaknesses so its actually take time for me to answer that question that time.Then this answer came (roughly) :

   I choose to take Bsc Mathematics because there are one person who inspire me a lot.That was my Additional Mathematics teacher during my secondary school.Actually during my school time,I am not really good at mathematics.I keep failing myself.I remember I only got 10 out of 100 marks in Additional Mathematics when my first test on that subject.As times go on,I still can’t manage to get the least pass mark either.Until one day this lovely teacher come to me and ask why did I not perform well because she said I was a chess player and chess player should be smart in Maths.That time I already represent my states at National Level Chess Competition.That time I lost my words.I know I should work more harder and she promise to helps me.She keep giving lots of Mathematics exercise for me to do so that Ill keep in pace with my other friends.Times go on and I improve gradually.And in my final year of school exams,I manage to get an A.She really makes me love mathematic and I just want to follow her pace,be a good teacher helping my students later.And I hope by choosing Bsc Mathematics will make this hopes become true.

Well..I keep smiling when I remember this answers.How silly it is.Straight forward,maybe primary students essay would be more better.Reasons that not really strong I guess but alhamdulillah Allah make it easy.

And again why maths?

Even until now I don’t really found lots of maths thing that can be relate to life.

Nah its easy..

Its only dealing with numbers.

That was my first thought.

But its not really about numbers alone.When it comes to groups,algebra,proving lots lots of Maths theory and formula it makes me dizzy,just giving a right point to give up.

Now I think I better take medicine.Lolz!No proving.Just memorize things.

But when I sit down,and reflect…

Why am I here?

Why MUST I study?

Why I must remember all the proves?

And whyMUST I get a flying colour grades in this final exam?

Then I realize there was an important reason to make me stay.

It just not about helping people understand Mathematics.

It just not about being a dedicated teacher.

It just not about being a best student.

There are more more BIG THING to be achieve.

Its about a responsibilities.

Responsibilities to myself,parents,family,country and  ummah.

Its about searhing for Allah’s pleasure.

Its about helping the ummah,

Which are waiting to be guided,

By Alim Mujahid.

Who is Alim Mujahid?

Its ME ! ..Its you…It is us..

We are alim-people with knowledge worldly and the hereafter

and mujahid– people who work hardly to achieve victory

Whatever course that we studied.

As long as we knew the right reason why we MUST study,that will be fine.

Ikhlas..that the main thing.Even we are not a highly professional person.

And still remember my lovely Additional Maths teacher?She’s kuffar.Shall you husna be more better than her?InsyaAllah!


6 Responses to “Why are you here?-Part 2”

  1. anis April 25, 2009 at 9:40 pm #

    its not about kak husna je…its all about us kot…he3
    gudlak final….hu3

    • mukminahmujahidah April 26, 2009 at 9:01 am #

      yeap anis.Its all bout us.The main thing is we try our best.And then let Allah give what He want.
      Allah suruh kita usaha…kita usaha sungguh2..
      Moga kjayaan milik semua mukmin yg ikhlas..

  2. waneey May 1, 2009 at 10:30 am #

    inspiring post!!
    maths~~ bkn sesenang yg disangka…
    kalo dlu mungkin kira2 je..
    tp skrg dah msuk sampai prove2…
    ngan theorem yg berlambak2…
    mmg akan fedup…
    tp, ble reflect y kta kena blaja neyh sume…
    kte sedar tugas kte..
    bkn skadar mnjadi pelajar tp tugas kte berat..
    muslim yg bkl menjadi warga pendidik…
    insyaAllah kta akan corakkan mereka dgn maths mengikut islam…

    p/s: gudluck 4 xm ye akak… doakan kami semua jugak… syg akak krn Allah~~

    • mukminahmujahidah May 2, 2009 at 8:53 am #

      Wasalam waneey!
      Ye btul!Hakikatnya apa2 course yg kita ambil xmudh sbnrnye..
      Semuanya memerlukan mujahadah yg tinggi..
      InsyaAllah moga Allah mudahkan semuanya.

      p/s uhubbikfillah ^_^

  3. Nailah May 12, 2009 at 4:27 am #

    dulu2 pas spm n matriks..
    membara2 semangat di dada nk explore bidang maths..
    namun,penyusunan Allah tak terdaya utk kita nafikan..
    akhirnya, tercampak jua driku di bidang ‘health science’ yang tak melibatkan langsung diriku dengan maths..only less than 10% i guess…

    namun,inilah ketetapan Allah..
    teruskan berusaha Husna..dari dulu smp sekarang, i loves mathematics..hihi..
    teruskan perjuangan..

    • mukminahmujahidah May 12, 2009 at 11:17 am #

      benar tu nailah..ingat lagi nailah pernah bgtau nak ambil maths..
      betul penyusunan Allah tu pastinya lbh baik daripada apa yang kita susun..
      Moga kita redha dan gunakan apa yg ada dgn sebaik2nya utk capai redha Allah..InsyaAllah

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